Downloads Page

Hi guys! I wanted to make a post directing you to the new Downloads page I’ve made!

As with any job out there, you have aspects of it that you absolutely loath doing. Mine is Vendor Layouts. Ugh nooo! I know most people can agree with me, because they ALWAYS make me create them! LMFAO! I have to admit, they are a pita when you do not have the product available to design around.

So I decided to create 20 vendor templates that you can use inside your own creations! I have included layered psd files, with placeholders for you to drag and drop your ad photo. Each file contains editable text layers and smart objects for photos. The fonts I used in the artwork are free and download links are provided inside the ‘Infos’ notepad. The stock images that I used are not included, due to licensing.

I sincerely hope these help someone out there with organizing and even learning how to create ad layouts. I created them with multiple product types in mind. Of course I will still design custom layouts, but I will be directing folks to these first. LOL #lazy.

Vendor Layouts – Download Page

I have ideas on more downloadable tools, so check back often!

Check out the display images below!

Artwork designed in Photoshop CC.

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