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New Galleries & Price Sheet Changes

I have new galleries and some changes on the pricing sheet. For the past year I offered 2-3 packages of artwork pieces in efforts to make the ordering process a little easier. As my workflow changes, ultimately so will my operations. So with this being said, I decided to remove the packages for the time being and do a “a la carte” ordering system. For orders with multiple items, a discount will be applied for ordering in bulk. You will notice that some sections have been broken down in to smaller projects and laid out by starting price. To coincide with these changes, some new galleries have been made on the website to show examples. I will link them below.

I just want to say thanks for the support the past few weeks. I came back from surgery with different feels and wanted to switch things up. I feel pretty confident that my changes will serve you well, if not better than before.

Event Gallery
Poster / Flyer / Signs Gallery
Store Designs

I am accepting orders for July! Fill out the order form and my assistant Kynziii will be with you asap to set up the order and schedule you a consultation. Due to previous last minute cancellations, a 5k deposit is now required to hold a consultation slot. This deposit is not an additional fee, it goes towards your end design package. I do require a total of 50% of your estimate project to be paid prior to work being started. The remaining balance is due before you receive the final products.

Order Form
Price Sheet

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