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I just wanted to stop in quickly and say thank you to those who have been patiently waiting for me to begin accepting orders once again. I am a content creator and event planner in Secondlife, so sometimes that takes the wheel. I am starting to contact applicants this week to schedule consultations. Due to how extremely long my waiting list is at the moment, I can predict I am booked until December. However, I do still encourage interested parties to fill the form out. Applicants drop all the time and spots open up. So please do fill the work order and I will work you in as slots become available.

I want to mention here to try and curve the popular question. I quote projects individually. I do not have a price sheet or standard pricing. Every order requires unique special attention, therefore a flat rate system does not work well. I do require 50% of the projects total upfront and I do accept Paypal or Lindens. I can make a projected estimate, if you are just wanting to ball park price check, but please understand that it is not a final quote.

Again thank you so much for being patient and I hope to speak with you soon!

Toxxic Rhiannyr

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Facebook FanPage Animated Cover

Facebook FanPage Animated Cover
I’m not sure when Facebook implemented this cool feature, but I have been taking full advantage of it. I am still learning how to edit in Premiere and do fancies in After Effects, but I can accomplish some cool looking animated covers for event flyers or logos. Currently this feature will only work on the FanPage group, not a personal page. Ask me about it in your consultation!


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New Galleries

Helloooo, I am currently working on some new galleries under the Portfolio tab. I hope when you visit my website that you explore around because there is lots to see! I keep a very busy schedule and post final artwork often! TYSM for visiting my blog! ♥ Toxxic

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NEW Pages – Banners, Business Cards, Re-Mastering [Soon!], Secondlife Store Graphics, Social Media & T-Shirts.

If you are a Secondlife resident, interested in hiring me for a custom project, please fill out my work order form. I will contact you in 24-48 hours of your entry. I can say, as I am making this post, I am VERY booked up for the month of October. I am working requests in as spots open up. Please take into consideration that I too am a content creator in Secondlife and work graphic design orders for real life. Your project is important to me, so I just ask for a little patience.